The EdRheum website was created in 2017 by the following medical students: Adeola Akindele, Abhijit Bachracharya, Saskia Clark-Stewart, Elizabeth Dent, Rozie Douglas, Lora Downes, Tom Erlandsen, Vicky Fassoula, Daniel Lim, Jess McClintick, Ryan Mulholland, Judith Oguguo, Ruben Perumal, Sushee Surdhar, and Suh Huey Yap.

The website was reviewed in 2020 by Dr Pollie Ravji, Dr Kirsty McLennan, and Dr Hannah Preston.

Thanks to Dr Olivia McKnight and Dr Andrew Merriman for their contributions as well as the Rheumatology Consultants and Nurses for their specialist input.

Special thanks to Dr Mohini Gray for designing and overseeing the development of Ed Rheum.

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