What is EdRheum?

The treatments for rheumatic diseases are becoming more sophisticated and the treatment protocols more complicated. This makes it difficult for rheumatologists and nurse practitioners to provide all the information that patients need within a 15 or 30 minute appointment slot.

A variety of educational materials are available online but how are patients to know which ones to trust and if they are up to date?

EdRheum was designed with these questions in mind. Dr Gray and her colleagues created this website to address the following areas:

  1. Explain what happens when you attend the outpatient appointment in the rheumatic diseases unit.
  2. Provide you with information on the various conditions that are commonly diagnosed in the rheumatic diseases unit.
  3. Point you in the direction of trusted websites that offer more in-depth information on rheumatic diseases
  4. Explain the various medications that you may be offered and provide links to websites that offer more information on the possible side effects.
  5. Provide a variety of videos so that you can remind yourselves of the main issues covered in the counselling sessions.
  6. Offer lifestyle advice and the evidence base for that advice.
  7. Provide information on the help available in the workplace or learning environment.
  8. Update you on the research ongoing in the rheumatic diseases department
  9. Provide videos of completed research studies.