What is EdRheum?

Being diagnosed with a rheumatic disease can be a confusing and difficult time for many patients.

Clinic appointments can seem rushed with a lot of information being given in a short period of time.

This website was designed by Dr Gray and colleagues to help patients feel more in control of their condition so that they could make informed choices.

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The Team

Lothian, the single largest rheumatology department in Scotland, has a dynamic team of dedicated rheumatology specialists. From April 2018, there will be 10 consultants, four rheumatology trainees, a junior ward doctor, a specialist rheumatology pharmacist, an occupational therapist, an osteoporosis specialist nurse and five rheumatology specialist nurses.

Patients can also be referred to an occupational therapist who specialises in rheumatology.

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Patients come to our department with a variety of symptoms and a number of diagnoses.

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There are many drugs now available to treat the rheumatic diseases. Many of them affect the immune system. They can have side effects and some need to be monitored. This section will give you basic information on the medications and trusted websites that will go into more detail.

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Other Info

We have information for you to read.

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