Meet the team

The Edinburgh Rheumatology Team deliver care across NHS Lothian.  The service operates from the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh and clinics are also held at St John’s Hospital and East Lothian Community Hospital.


Consultant Rheumatologists

The consultants see patients with a wide variety of conditions as well as specialising in the particular areas as listed below.


Dr Hema Bhat

General Rheumatology

Dr Stephen Boyle

General Rheumatology, Transition, Psoriatic Arthritis

Dr Janardhana Golla

General Rheumatology, MSK Ultrasound, GCA Ultrasound, Medical Education

Dr Mohini Gray

General Rheumatology, Connective Tissue Disease

Dr Helen Harris

General Rheumatology, Biologics, Connective Tissue Disease

Dr Barbara Hauser

General Rheumatology, Osteoporosis and Bone Disease

Dr Annamarie Horne

General Rheumatology, Osteoporosis and Bone Disease

Dr Neil McKay

General Rheumatology, MSK Ultrasound, Clinical Trials

Dr Euan McRorie

General Rheumatology, Connective Tissue Disease,

Professor Stuart H Ralston

General Rheumatology, Osteoporosis and Bone Disease

Dr Philip Riches

General Rheumatology, Osteoporosis and Bone Disease, Gout


Junior Doctors

The Junior Doctor team review patients in Consultant led clinics and also provide an on call service between 9am-6pm Monday-Friday and 9am-12pm on Saturday.


Mostafa Ahmed


Chris Box


Owen Cronin


Hannah Johnsson


Barbara Kuske

Specialty Doctor

Olivia McKnight

Locum Registrar

Toby Merriman

Locum Registrar

Khalid Mohammed

Specialty Doctor

Pollie Ravji



Rheumatology Nurse Specialists



Kirsty Barrett The Rheumatology Nurse Specialist team are highly qualified rheumatology specialists, with extensive experience of looking after patients with rheumatology conditions.  They will support patients and their families throughout their illness.  They work closely with the Rheumatology Consultants as well as other multidisciplinary team members to provide an evidence based service to rheumatology patients in NHS Lothian.

They run clinics at the Western General Hospital as well as fortnightly nurse led clinics in East Lothian Community Hospital, Haddington, and St John’s Hospital.

Some of the services provided by the Rheumatology Nurse Specialists:

  • A dedicated Rheumatology Telephone Advice Line
  • Nurse-led general review clinics
  • Joint injection clinics
  • Biologics clinics
  • Virtual blood monitoring
  • Medication telephone review clinics
  • Medication counselling
  • General education and self-management advice


Nurse Practitioner Helpline:

 0131 537 1405


Brian Bell


Sandra Lamb


Chrissy MacDougall


Chris Russell-White


Genevieve Zabate


Osteoporosis Nurse Specialists


Monica Gomez

The Lothian Osteoporosis service provides bone densitometry and clinical care for patients who have suffered a fragility fracture and an open-access bone densitometry service for primary care within Lothian.


Osteoporosis helpline:  

0131 537 2697


Tracey Reid


Specialist Rheumatology Pharmacists


Naomi Scott:

Lead Rheumatology Pharmacist

Amy Comyns

Rheumatology Pharmacist

Julie Fisher

 Rheumatology Pharmacist


Our Rheumatology Pharmacists have an expert knowledge of medicines and use this and other skills to provide advice and education to the rheumatology team and our patients. The pharmacists are responsible for all things medicine-related, including the management of the Homecare service, where specialist rheumatology medicines are delivered direct to patients through companies contracted by the NHS.

The Rheumatology Pharmacists are also independent prescribers who you may see in clinic.



Chris Walsh, Rheumatology Physiotherapist


Chris Walsh is a Physiotherapist who specialises in Rheumatology conditions.  Physiotherapy is a type of therapy which helps you to improve your general fitness and muscle strength so you can live an active and independent life. In Rheumatology conditions, Physiotherapy can help you to restore or improve your physical function and help to manage your pain better.  Your Physiotherapist will do a thorough assessment of how your Rheumatic condition affects you and will offer advice and reassurance, helping you to feel more confident about managing your condition.

If you need a Physiotherapist who specialises in Rheumatology conditions your Consultant Rheumatologist, Specialist Nurse or GP can refer you.

If you have a musculoskeletal problem that is unrelated to your Rheumatology condition you can also self refer to your local physiotherapy department via the NHS MSK Helpline or use a private practice.


Occupational Therapy


Jill Carnevale , Clinical Specialist  Occupational Therapist

Jill Carnevale is a Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist.  An Occupational Therapist is able to assess and discuss how your diagnosis may be affecting your daily activities. Jill will take time with you to find out how your symptoms may be impacting on both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Following this initial meeting a variety of interventions can be implemented, from psychological adjustment to a new diagnosis, to practical help to maintain independence at home, work and leisure. The aim of  the intervention is to assist patients to make positive steps in managing their condition.

Patients who attend the Rheumatology department can be referred to the Occupational Therapy service via your Consultant Rheumatologist, by one of the Specialist Nurses, or through your GP.


Fatigue Management Team


Dervil Dockrell

Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist

Joanne Dobson

Nurse Fatigue Management Programme

The NHS Lothian Rheumatology Department offers a Fatigue Management Programme run by Nursing and Occupational Therapy (OT) staff.  The programme is offered to people with rheumatic diseases who have moderate to significant fatigue and who want to live better despite their fatigue. For further information please see our dedicated page on the Fatigue Management Programme.



Allen Downie, Podiatry Team Lead


Allen Downie is the Podiatry Team Lead in NHS Lothian.  Conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis can often lead to pain and sometimes deformity of the feet.  The role of the podiatrist is to reduce foot related pain, improve foot function, reduce damage to tissues, and maintain mobility.  Allen will take a history, assess your feet, and agree a treatment plan.  The podiatrist can assist with nail and skin care and manage wounds/ ulcers.  The podiatrist can advise on exercise, appropriate footwear choices and prescribe specialist orthoses (e.g. insoles, splints).  If need be they can also provide information about potential surgical options for your foot condition.

You can be referred to the Podiatry Team via your Consultant Rheumatologist, by one of  the Specialist Nurses, or through your GP.

Research Nurses


Lorraine Hryhorskyj


Joan Thomson

There are a variety of research activities ongoing in the Edinburgh Rheumatology Department.  For further information please visit our dedicated Research page.